Food in the Time of Coronavirus

Huge thanks to everyone who’s already signed up for our Summer CSA program!

We know folks are stressed about securing their produce this summer. We are getting a lot of people ask about the box program (CSA) We wanted to provide a bit more info for anyone thinking about joining a CSA, or for folks who aren’t sure what a CSA is.

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Joining our CSA means signing up and pre-paying for 16 weeks of locally grown, certified organic, super fresh veggies. You select your preferred pickup location, we grow the veg and decide what goes in the box each week based on what is available and in season on our farms, and you come pick up once a week during a two-hour window.

We try to offer lots of choices – cucumbers or zucchini, kale or chard, carrots or beets, cherry tomatoes or beefsteaks – and you’ll probably come across some things you’ve never tried before (don’t worry, we always provide recipe ideas!) We send out a weekly email newsletter to tell you what’s coming up in your next box, give you some recipes for inspiration, and to share some news from our farms. CSA programs are a fantastic way to support local farmers and strengthen the relationship between farmers and eaters.

Why are CSAs important right now??

This is a time of great uncertainty, and we can’t predict what’s going to happen to grocery store supply chains. But what we DO know is that farmers are going to keep growing food. Joining a CSA is a really good way to make sure you’re going to get your hands on fresh produce this season, because it’s grown right here in our community. Providing you with fresh, healthy food is what we’re here for!CSAs are also a very low-contact way to get produce. Pickups are always outside, and spread out during a 2 hour time window, so it’s never crowded. We usually do things market-style, where we place all the items on the table and you can select things the way you would at the farmers’ market, but this year we’ll likely have to keep everything packaged up and pre-boxed for you. Your safety is of the utmost importance!! And of course all produce will be handled with gloves, packaged carefully, and transported in sanitized bins. We are all very familiar with food safe practices and we take our food handling procedures very seriously.If you have any questions about our CSA program and whether it’s the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We’re so proud to be able to support our community in times like this.

Thanks for putting your trust in local farmers!

December at the Market


Come visit us at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market for all the freshness we are still pulling out of the ground in DECEMBER!!

We have lots of food and gift ideas (including gift certificates for you favourite foodie, good for CSA or Market)

See you Saturdays 9 – 1 at the Native Sons Hall until Christmas