Amara Farm’s Fall Preparations

The signs of summer are all around us: bountiful harvests of zucchini and tomatoes; the chirp of crickets; and that hot dry scent that springs from the ground. And so, it’s time to prepare for fall already!

Walla walla onions setting seed.

At Amara Farm, we’re busy seeding Walla Walla onions (from seed that we saved!) and spinach, lettuce and baby bok choi with the hopes that if all goes well, some of these items will make it into the veggie box by the end of September.

We’ve trimmed the lower leaves from many of our climbing tomatoes so that we can now seed under them with salad greens. The space that the garlic took up is now getting seeded with Asian greens and lettuces. The nice heavy dews that we’re getting in the morning are a huge help to getting seeds to germinate.

Bending Metal Hoops for low greenhouses

Jacinda and Dav got a chance to help make some low hoop structures that will eventually go over the beds where the greens have just been planted. When we attach greenhouse plastic to these hoops, it allows us to grow lettuce well into November!

So, although it’s a super busy time seeding and planning for cooler temps, we know the effort will be worth it come fall.