CSA Box 11 – September 8


We’re back on the blog! It’s inevitable that we miss a post or two towards the end of the season, as we all seek a bit of respite, then jump back up again to sow our “second spring” crops like spinach, arugula and other cool weather greens. Sorry for the interruption in farm news and recipes.

Here’s the info on your share this week!

  • Bok Choi 1 each $2
  • Leeks 1/2lb $1.75
  • Chard 1 bunch $3
  • Arugula 1 bag $4
  • Garlic 1 bulb (or two small) $2
  • Herb bunch 1 bundle $2
  • Tomatoes 1.5lb basket $4.50
  • Rutabaga 2lbs $4
  • Summer squash .5lb $2


Sooo, let’s talk rutabaga. We all know it has a bad reputation, and rumour has it, some folks are even intimidated by it! But it’s so so delicious. We promise. Kira told us that when she visited Norway, she saw people eating rutabaga raw with a spoon by young and old alike! Here’s a treatise on why you should give rutabaga a chance.

And here’s a good recipe for creamy mashed rutabaga. YUM! Now I’ve never heard of smoked olive oil, and I would try a smoked cheese, like Natural Pasture’s Smoked Boerenkaas in this recipe – we are so lucky to have great local cheese in our community!

Can’t get enough veggies? Crying because CSA season is almost over?

Did you know we are offering a 6-week Fall CSA share? For only $150 you can pick up a share every Friday at Amara Farm!

Some of the veggies you’ll get in your Fall CSA Share: cabbage, pak choi, fennel, kohlrabi, kale, chard, celeriac, garlic, leeks, scallions, shallots, lettuce, spinach, arugula, cilantro, beets, rutabaga, parsnip, and winter squash. And more!

We have a limited number of shares available for $150 each, that is $25 of fresh vegetables per week for 6 weeks, from Oct. 9th to Nov. 13th. If you want to continue the goodness into the cold times, sign up now!