CSA Week #5

Featuring… ROOTS!

This week’s box contains a medley of roots. Tasty turnip thinnings, carrots, garlic, plus spuds for full shares.

For those of you who tend to delay gratification: your boxes this week contain green garlic and you may be tempted to hoard it for later, but we urge you not to wait! You will get more garlic this summer and this garlic won’t store well. Later in the season you will receive cured garlic which is dried and keeps well through the winter.

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Above are some photos of what we’ve been up to this week. Last night, we gathered at Amara Farm to process the last of the scapes – we made 50 jars of garlic scape jam which you might find in your CSA shares one of these weeks 😉

Oh, the Water!

I’m originally from Ontario (this is moss speaking), and I find it hard to get used to the extreme weather swings here on the west coast! We’ve emerged from a saturated June into a hot dry July and as farmers, we’ve got to move quickly to help our crops adapt to the extreme shift in the weather.

Scrambling to get the irrigation fine-tuned is on the agenda this week, along with mulching to keep valuable moisture in the soil. Arzeena is the queen of the “chop & drop” weeding method. She recognizes the weeds as allies, who send their deep tap roots down and accumulate minerals and nutrients that our less hardy vegetable crops are unable to access. When we cut them and drop them as mulch around our crops, they share these valuable nutrients and minerals with our veggie crops.

One thing I love about our hot dry summers is that they bring an acute awareness of the sacredness of water. At Ripple Farm, we have three shallow wells and one cistern to provide our home and crops with the water we need. In the coming months, we’ll be bathing in the river more often and placing buckets in the shower to catch extra water. Lying in the Tsolum River, letting the water wash over our dusty and heat worn bodies, we are nourished by this precious resource we are so lucky to have enough of in our beautiful valley.

What’s in the box this week?

All shares:

  • 2 fresh green garlic bulbs
  • Baby turnips
  • Salad mix
  • Carrots!

Full shares add:

  • Braising bunch
  • Broccoli shoot bunch
  • Peas
  • Potatoes
Credit: Karli Yanchus
Credit: Karli Yanchus


Lucky us! For recipes and meal ideas this week, we can point you to a blog maintained by Karli Yanchus, one of our CSA members in Tahsis. She includes lots of creative meal options, as well as tips for getting the kids to chow down on veggies! A group of dedicated foodies in Tahsis got together this year to bring more fresh food into their community, and we are sending 10 boxes every week to families there via a delivery driver they arranged for themselves. They also have an awesome community garden project going on!

Karli has been keeping a blog about what she’s been doing with her CSA veggies every week. Check out her ideas here!

We hope you enjoy the heat this week, and are nourished by the sun, rain and soil that collaborated to grow your CSA veggies.