CSA Week #12

Squash it up!!

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This week’s blog post is a combined effort by Arzeena & Russell!

With all the wonderful sun that came during July and early August, the Red Kuri squash is ready for picking. We hope you enjoy this moist and flavourful winter squash. This week is also the debut of the tomatoes. They’re still a bit slow in coming due to the cool week we just had but hopefully will supply us for a bit. One neat connection – the Striped Roma tomatoes that many of you are getting came from seed that was saved by one of our CSA members, Amy Crook! Thanks so much Amy, they’re a gorgeous tomato with lots of delicious flavour.

This is also the week that both Ripple Farm and Amara Farm are ripping up some of the summer veggies and planting for fall. Out go the dill and yu choi, in comes kale, New Zealand spinach and cabbage.

A quick note from Amara Farm – our egg supply is a bit lower as we have 3 hens sitting on eggs!! Although we miss the great supply of eggs, we’re very excited to be hatching a new generation of chickens that won’t be raised by a heat lamp! Hens really do make the best mothers…

Moss will be away from Ripple Farm next week (August 26-29) and Russell would love some help! If you can spare a couple of hours, Russell would love a hand transplanting, weeding, harvesting, and more. Thursday morning (the 29th), 9-12 would especially be helpful. Please e-mail Russell to let him know if you can make it at rheitzmann (at) gmail (dot) com. or post on the Facebook event.

Here’s a recipe that Russell has made many times with a wide variety of winter squashes that he wrote about in his blog (when he was in the habit of updating it!): http://russellheitzmann.wordpress.com/2012/04/24/squashpotato-curry-spices-and-following-directions/

IMG_6805Note from Birds & Beans

Kelsey from the Birds and the Beans, here.  Just wanted to let you know that we’ve just finished raising a batch of chickens!  We’ve an assortment of sizes, ranging from 2.5 to 6.5 lbs, and are now vacuum packed.

If you’d like some more chicken, please contact us to arrange a time for pick-up.  Wednesday evenings or Saturdays around 2:00pm work well for us, but we can certainly be flexible!

The price is still $5.75/lb.  We also have another batch on the way, so if you’d like a larger number of larger or smaller birds, we can accommodate that if you let us know within the next week or so.

Hope to hear from you, and thanks for your business!

Kelsey and the Birds and the Beans
2641 Kirby Road
Courtenay BC

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