CSA Week #15



Mizuna (Japanese: 水菜 ‘water greens’), shui caikyonaJapanese mustardpotherb mustardJapanese greensCalifornia peppergrass, or spider mustard is a cultivated variety of Brassica rapa nipposinica. The name is also used for Brassica juncea var. japonica. (wikipedia.org)

Now that you know about the classification of mizuna, you can try it out! We’ve given tender bunches of delicious, pretty and flavourful mizuna to all shares this week. It’s great raw, or cooked, but never overcooked, so be sure to lightly sauté or steam!

Ways that we like to eat mizuna:

  • Chopped up fine and scrambled with our morning eggs
  • To add bulk to your salad
  • As a bed to serve under entrées (ie. tofu steak or fish filet on a bed of mizuna)
  • Anyway we would use spinach!

For another idea, check out this great blog post from a mystified CSA member in another land who didn’t know what to do with mizuna!

Let us know how you like to eat mizuna! Visit our Facebook page or email us at mervilleorganics@gmail.com to share your ideas!

What’s in the share this week?

All shares

  • salad mix
  • fennel bulb
  • mizuna
  • carrots
  • tomatoes

Full shares

  • cucumber
  • cabbage
  • beets

Farm Updates

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As the summer season continues to wind down, the fall/winter season is gearing up! Squash is coming off of the vines this week, and we’ll be curing them up for boxes to come. We cure the squash by setting them up in a nice warm spot for a week or two to finish ripening, away from the threat of frost.

Fall and winter greens are also sizing up nicely, and we continue to seed every week – mizuna (of course!), arugula, tah tsai, bok choi, hardy lettuces, gai lan and more.

We were all shocked to realize that there are only 5 weeks left after this week till CSA shares are finished. Folks have been asking, so for your info the last shares will be harvested on Tuesday, October 15 and Friday, October 18. However, both of our farms are looking forward to showing up with winter greens and other treats at the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market as long as we can coax them out of the ground!

Mizuna Recipes

Oh wow, oh wow! At the risk of looking a little lazy, I am going to refer you to this Pinterest page full of mizuna-containing recipes. As you can see, it’s a very versatile green… and there are lots of pretty pictures.

Reminder about LUSH Valley

With the fruit tree harvest project in full swing, LUSH Valley Food Security Hub has tree fruit on offer every week. If you love canning, we suggest you drop by to see what they’ve got. Last week, they had gorgeous Italian prune plums – we made plum butter preserve! This week, they had beautiful Snow apples from Union Bay. Their dedicated team of volunteers works very hard to bring in the harvest from trees that would otherwise not be harvested. All of their offerings are by donation – come on out and support them and get some great local fruit!

Also, the Tuesday pocket market runs simultaneously with our CSA pick-up at LUSH from 3-6 on Tuesdays. This week there were wildcrafted chanterelles, tomatoes, kale, organic eggs, dried herbs and preserves for sale. LUSH also offers a fantastic member pantry full of bulk dry goods and World Community fair trade items at great prices for members. A lifetime LUSH Valley membership costs $10 and gives you access to the member’s pantry. Don’t forget to bring a little pocket change for the market if you’re a Tuesday member looking for a treat. Friday members are welcome to drop in to visit and check out the market as well!

We hope you all enjoy the bounty this week!