Hi there. We grow your vegetables. Nice to meet you!


Our Summer 2014 CSA season and we’ll be seeing you at the pick-up locations and the farmers’ markets and in town… so we thought we’d introduce ourselves!

We have a fantastic team of farmers and dedicated farm interns this year who have been working hard to grow delicious fresh veggies and will be happy to see you each week at your CSA pick-up location.

Here we are, from left to right:

Seth Neufeld

Seth is interning at Ripple Farm this year and is single-handedly responsible for keeping the plants on a tight watering schedule! He’s originally from Red Deer, AB, but has been living on the lower mainland and in Tofino for the past few years. Seth is charming, artsy and a great farmer!

Moss Dance

Moss owns and operates Ripple Farm, one half of Merville Organics. Moss has been living in the Comox Valley for 6 years and is actively involved in the farming community with the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market board and the Vancouver Island Organic Collective. Ask Moss for a song about vegetables if you’re in the mood for some silliness.


Sticky is the farm dog at Ripple Farm. He’s super friendly, even though he barks sometimes. Feel free to give him a pat if you see him in Moss’ blue truck or hanging around at CSA pick-up stations!

Arzeena Hamir

Arzeena owns and operates Amara Farm, the other half of Merville Organics! She is super involved in a lot of farming and food-related organizations in BC, including the Certified Organic Associations of BC board, the Comox Valley Food Roundtable the Investment Agriculture Fund, and the Vancouver Island Organic Collective. Arzeena grows the best Walla Walla onions in the world. You’ll see.

Russell Heitzmann

Many of you who were in our CSA last year will remember Russell. He interned at Ripple Farm last year, and is now a senior intern at Amara Farm. Russell’s infectious laugh, friendly smile and way-cool knowledge of local mushrooms make people like him right away! Russell’s farming skills are a huge asset to our team.


Jester is an intern at Amara Farm this year, and is hands-down the best gluten-free baker ever! He’s also friendly and hard-working, which is a bonus for us! Jester lives and gardens in Comox as well, and we love having him around.

Calliope Gazetas

Calliope (pronounced cal-ee-oh-pay) is joining us fresh outta design school in Toronto. She does amazing botanical drawings of our favourite weeds, and keeps us giggling all the time. Her keen interest and dedication to keeping Amara Farm humming along is bringing us joy!

Amina Turner (in front, doing the splits!)

Amina is Arzeena’s kid, and she is a keen CSA pick-up station ambassador. She’ll show you what the share is for the week, and sometimes, she even offers you lemonade! Amina’s a great dancer, friendship bracelet-maker and can ride a scooter really fast.

Inara Turner (not in photo)

Inara is Arzeena’s other kid who takes awesome photos, is super keen in the kitchen and is likely to host a wildly popular cooking show someday!